May 2021’S Member Of The Month: Verna Calais!

I didn’t think I would get this far….but I stayed dedicated and disciplined…. what am I talking about you ask? Well, I’m talking about my journey to losing weight and feeling great!
I weighed 191 lbs…yes I did. I didn’t like the way I looked and I didn’t like the way I felt. Not only did my clothes not fit right, but my health was in jeopardy. My blood pressure was through the roof, my joints were hurting, and I was considered obese for my age. I needed to make a change some kind of way. I did some research on different gyms in the Lafayette area, but this one gym kept coming up in conversations with different people.
So, on October 7, 2019, I took a chance. I decided to visit RevFit and see what it was about. I had a sincere welcome from the front desk. I then met with Sandra, my trainer. I must admit, I was nervous, but the rapport I had with her made me feel comfortable. She answered all of my questions without hesitation. I got a meal plan and a workout schedule and the rest is history. I became a part of a workout family that I thank God for everyday.
“Keep pushing,” they said….”Don’t give up,” they said….”Hang in there,” they said….”Keep fighting,” they said….”Stay strong,” they said….”You can do it, they said…”Never give up,” they said…and “GO! GO! GO!”Sandra screamed…. because of them, I ran my first 5k race and didn’t even stop!!
Since then with much dedication, discipline, and the support of my RevFit family, I now weigh 145 lbs and have been maintaining for the last 5 months. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2001. I now have been off my medication for the past 4 months!!!
As of today, I have lost a total of 50 lbs and 57 inches. It got hard at times, but with the support of my trainer, Sandra, and my workout family, I was able to persevere.
This month on the 7th, chapter 47 of my life begins. I have set a few more goals for myself. I am not done yet. My only hope is to always be an inspiration to others.
To my RevFit family:
I will always strive to be the best because of you! I am so thankful for your commitment and willingness to help me grow. Your motivation, encouragement, and support constantly inspire me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! You’ve helped me in ways you can’t even imagine!
Special shout-out to my trainer Sandra! You are the bomb! Thanks for pushing me and helping me gain the confidence I didn’t even know I had!
The one thing I have taken from all of this is that it is all about DETERMINATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and how BAD you want it.
I love my RevFit family!