Meet The Staff – Crystal Trahan


There was a point in my life when I felt that I was at the end of my rope. I was stuck in a miserable marriage, suffering with depression, and taking prescribe antidepressants. I was a stay at home mother of four who was shy and absolutely hated herself. So, in 2006 I started to exercise, not because I wanted to or even thought I could look a certain way, but because I heard exercise helped with depression and I was desperate. One of my first memories of my father was watching the Olympia show together and him saying to me, “You know you could do that!”. I thought NO WAY! My dad loved to lift and he walked every afternoon. I remember lifting with him and how much I loved it. I felt strong after lifting and it made me feel good about myself.

I wanted to het back to that feeling, so decided to use a BowFlex machine that someone that had given me. One day after a few months later, I saw a picture of myself and did not recognize the person I saw. It was the first time I saw something beautiful on me. MUSCLES! I realized my life might have been out of control, but with weights I could control what my body looked like. Then I heard that cardio would burn that stubborn layer of fat, so I decided to start trying to run. I knew it would make me sweat and I hated to sweat! On my first try, I could only run to one mailbox. I just could not run, so I researched and discovered a breathing technique that changed everything. I teach it to all my clients today. In-2-3, out-2-3. That was it ! Now I was starting to lose weight , but something was missing. I had no clue how to eat! I tried to eat healthy food, but felt clueless. I took it one day at a time and did my research. I would wake up, read, exercise and run.

My body was changing, my life was changing and most of all my mind was changing. I got a job as a receptionist and without even realizing what I was doing, I started training the girls in the office. One day, my boss approached me about chasing my dream. Dream? I did not have a dream or did I? I gave up my job, ordered personal training books and began to study. Soon after I joined a church and met a man who would be managing a gym close by. He invited me to check it out. When I walked in it was only rafters, but I knew without a doubt I would change my life and others in this gym! I started to teach cycle and pump group fitness classes! With this new routine and the knowledge I was gaining about healthy eating, my body had changed tremendously and my confidence sky rocketed! Within months I was approached to start training others and I decided to give it a try. Within 3 months I went from three clients to fifteen!