Meet The Staff – Taylor Wiltz


In May of 2019, I embarked on my journey to a “Better Version” of me! I reached a point in my life where I had to make the “change”- change my lifestyle and bad habits. I am my child’s only parent, and it is important for me to be around for her as long as I can. I woke up one morning and decided I was done! Done being in pain from carrying all the weight on my body. My legs and feet hurt constantly! I carried 300 pounds on my body. I was done with sleeping on a CPAP machine! I knew that other health issues were around the corner, so I had to change.

After talking with a family member, she told me to try the 10-day Smoothie Cleanse diet. I lost 17 pounds and after I completed the cleanse, I knew that I had to keep going. I didn’t want to gain the weight back that I had lost. I started walking and jogging when I could in my neighborhood. After a month of that, I decided to join a local gym where I worked out with just women. I will forever thank them; they were my stepping stone.

My sister was a member of Rev and she encouraged me to attend a spin class. I went and DIED, but I never gave up! I fell in love with spin! For one entire year, I only attended spin here. I did not step in any of the other classes and NEVER made eye contact with the Trainers in the bootcamps. I thought all of them were CRAZY!

Fast FORWARD…. COVID happened, and everything started to shut down. I freaked out! I did not know what I was going to do. I cried, but I learned during lockdown that I was able to maintain and workout alone. The gym I was attending did virtual classes and to get my cardio I ran outside. I never gained one pound during COVID lockdown!

July 2020 – GAME CHANGER! I was ready! I was ready to level up. I joined bootcamp where I was constantly pushed and challenged. It was not easy, but it was so worth it. I learned discipline and self-love, and I fell in love with fitness. I learned that this journey was not only about my daughter or myself; it is about others. There is no other gym like RevFit!

October 2021, I became a certified spin instructor. My heart will forever be in the spin room, but as I grew, I realized that I needed to give back more so I became Trainer. As a Trainer, I get to share my passion for fitness with others. My journey is now about helping others be successful in their own journey. I will continue to be an example of what hard work and dedication looks like for others.

Here I stand 160 pounds later – BETTER, HEALTHIER AND LIGHTER!