Rosalyn Bruno


This Woman was an absolute JOY to train!
She was the first client to ever ask me to train them and she WAITED until i was done training to become a trainer! Thank You for trusting me with your Journey 

Here is a small clip of her 3 month jouney with me and the song couldn’t be more fitting…She is definitely Stronger in all aspects!

Rosalyn Renee story in her own words:

Trying to figure out why my scale wouldn’t move after I worked out all week was probably due to the fact that I would eat chocolate chip cookies and Popeyes on my way home from the gym. When people check on you and are truly interested in helping you reach your fitness goals, You want those types of people around you. It was something about her checking on me and making sure I was on the right track that never left my mind. Listening to your words of encouragement During a Tuesday spin class pushed me to work harder than I ever had and I realized that I had to stop cheating myself. After deciding to clean up my eating habits I knew it was time to reach a goal that I had set for myself every summer for the last couple of years. I realize I just needed that extra push because I couldn’t do it on my own. I knew I wanted the one person who motivated me just by her words to train me. I had to stop putting others before me and put myself first for once. I thought Bootcamp wouldn’t be that hard because I was used to working out but little did I know, it was hard work. It was physically challenging but a large part of it was mentally challenging. I had to prepare my mind daily to stay focused on what mattered to me. Finishing what I started! I felt pain in places I didn’t know existed. Sweating like crazy and countless amounts of tears. Though I thought I was broken down it was the tools I needed being instilled in me motivate my team. We pushed each other, loved each other, and developed an un-breakable bond between us. others didn’t understand and would try to sabotage my journey I knew what I was fighting for.

To you Gabrielle I say Thank you for believing In me when I didn’t want you to, Thank you for pushing me when I wanted to give up, Thank you for encouraging me when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore. Thank you for being pure and genuine. To my Bootcamp sisters keep pushing never give up. This not the end only the beginning. 

Creating strong, fit, confident, beautiful people
inside and out living the life they love in a body they love.