⚡️Member of the Month⚡️
Meet Sam Kelly:
I found a home at RevFit Gym about six months ago. I had just finished my three year high school cross country career and was about to enter my last year off track. However, as much as I loved running in high school, the competitive aspect and constant pressure had taken the joy out of working out for me over time. Then, I heard about RevFit. I found out about it through my old cross country coach and mom and thought it sounded like fun.
Next thing I know, I quit indoor track and was signing up for spin classes after school every day. After the very first class I took, I was hooked. The instructors were so full of energy and you could just tell that they genuinely cared and enjoyed what they did. The classes were so high on energy, music, and a great way to work out. It reminded me that working out could be fun.
As much as I loved running during high school and the family I got to be a part of, I struggled with eating disorders on and off and a lot of the time would compare myself to the other girls that I spent time with daily. Working out was no longer entirely about being healthy or having fun entirely, and it made it hard to be motivated. Ever since my first week at RevFit, I have never felt more comfortable with myself. Although my time there has been short, the feelings of confidence that the gym has given me and the inspirational people and instructors that I have met have highly impacted my life. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to get to share how amazing my experience with the gym has been. I no longer exercise to lose weight or for competition, but as a mental release and a way to stay healthy. Between the spin classes and the gym itself, I’ve been able to figure out how to work out in a healthy way. I also love and appreciate the way the instructors work in religious themes and how God leads us in the work outs truly reminds me that I don’t choose my path in life, but that God does. He only gives us what we can handle and walks alongside us while we simply try to figure it all out.
Having such great instructors and people who have God guiding their lives influencing and supporting me is the greatest gift I could have asked for going into college and starting the next stage of my life. Thank you RevFit!!

Candice Abney:

🚨 57 lbs and 68.25inches down 🚨Here is her story:

I’ve struggled with my weight since probably qafter my college years. I’ve tried the Atkins diet, which is now known as the keto diet, weight watchers and herbal life. I would lose weight and gain it back as soon as I stopped the program. My problem wasn’t the normal overeating, it was not eating. I would eat one meal a day and nibble the rest of the time. When I’m stressed, I may eat more, but I would barely eat. I’ve learned that I needed the 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day to lose weight and maintain it, but I never was breakfast eater, so I found myself returning to the same cycle as before, not eating. In 2013-2015, I probably was the smallest I’ve ever been since high school. I felt the best and had more energy than ever before. I would run 3-4 times a week with my girlfriend and work out at least 5 days a week with Coach Brian Broussard at Fit Life. I felt wonderful and finally in control of my life. But then, the 2016 flood came and totally turned my life upside down. I had to move back to Opelousas, for approximately 8 months, commute daily to my job, transition my kids to another school campus, while still maintaining a full time job, being a mom and trying to rebuild my life, literally. Well, you guess it! I was extremely stressed and the no eating, no exercising cycle began. I was stressed, depressed and didn’t even know how and where to begin to get back on track. I had become the biggest I’ve ever been in my life, almost 220 pounds. That’s was bigger than I was pregnant with both of my children. It had gotten to the point, I was out of breath when I walked and I also had to have my daughter buckle my shoes and tie them of me😳. At this time, I knew I was at the point of needing to do something.

For several months, I saw advertisements for RevFit on Facebook, so I liked the gym’s Facebook page and followed for months. I remember messaging a couple of people to inquire about the program, but no one responded. I was getting discouraged. Then finally I recall seeing a picture of Tyne Brooks. I messaged her and she responded to me the same night. Tyne and I spoke for at least 1-2 months via messenger. She bragged on her trainer in regards to how awesome she was. I finally built up the nerves to call RevFit and request a consultation. I waited and waited but no return call. I started to get discouraged and Tyne pushed me to call again, so I did. After calling the second time, Candice reached out to me and scheduled an in person meeting. I remember our meeting like yesterday. I left directly from the meeting with Candice and immediately went to the gym to sign up.

I remember my first class, nervous I would be late, since I was living on the Southside at that time, I slept ready roll 😂. My classes were at 4:45am. 😳. Anyone that knows me well, knows I’m not a morning person, but definitely not a 4:45am morning person. I began RevFit in February of 2019 and drove for 2 months from the Southside of town until I relocated closer. After about the first month, Candice advised me to begin spin. I never did spin before nor heard of it. I remember taking my first spin class with Gabby. Gabby was so warm and welcoming. It felt as though she and I had known each other our entire lives (everyone one that’s close to me calls me Nitra, and to this day, Gabby still calms me Nitra). The atmosphere at RevFit id one of family and togetherness. Everyone encourages you and Candice’s motto is to finish as a “team” and as “one”. That means the world to me still until this day.

When I think of RevFit, I think of family. Everyone helps each other get through it. We may grumble, but we do it and get through it. I migrated towards my friend and accountability partner, Trina. I can always count on Trina to make sure I’m at the right place at the right time. Whether it’s 3:30am Spin or even now 4:00am bootcamp! Yes, the non morning person is in 4am bootcamp, and I’ve never been late either. 😂 Trina and I are two peas in a pod. She’s my Ace and I’m very grateful for her.

Candice, last but not least. Thank you for everything you do and have done to help me be who I am today physically and mentally. You are amazing and I can’t thank you enough! You have helped me lose over 50 pounds and I’ve reach my goal during the pandemic!

Not only has Stephanie grown to be an inspirational bootcamper and instructor, she has also grown to be a very close friend to us. We watch her everyday transform on the outside and inside.

She fought so hard to get to goal, and we watch her fight hard to maintain it.
We oftentimes have to tell her, give yourself credit - 26.5 pounds and 34.5 inches is not an easy feat. And not only that, YOUR BODY IS LOOKING AMAZING.

Continue to become the Steph you want to be and it will be a gift to the world


“My strength didn’t come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up every time I was knocked down.” Unknown
Every day wasn’t perfect, every food choice wasn’t healthy and every decision wasn’t right. But it is SOOOO REWARDING seeing the results of being consistent.
297.2/170lbs dress size 24 to a 8

Morgan’s story: 7 months ago I decided to take my life back. I decided I was done feeling sorry for myself. I was done listening to everyone else. I was done with trying to please everyone around me and losing myself more and more. I was done with being depressed all of the time. I was done with being treated less than I was worth. I decided that I was going to put myself first and truly find myself! It was one thing to think it, so I decided to walk into RevFit Gym with my head held high and I signed a contract to join bootcamp with Candice Gaspard Abney. I had done bootcamp before, I’ve gone through almost all of the trainers there (past and present) but this time I knew it would be different. I wasn’t scared. I put everything in God’s hands and was determined to live out God’s will for my life! I said yes to myself and no to everything that didn’t fill my cup with peace. Yes I lost a good bit of people in my life, but I have gained so much more. I gained a new and profound relationship with God and myself (which is the biggest blessing I could have asked for)! I gained true happiness!

Moral of the story is ... “nothing changes if nothing changes”. You have to step out of your own comfort zone and dive head first in. You have to put in the work to achieve what you want (this goes for ALL parts of life, not just weight loss).

Now I know that “yes I will” fall, but I have the tools to get right back up and rise to new levels!

After gaining 30 pounds during the pregnancy of her son 5 years ago, NICOLE DUHON tried different quick-fix workout plans and diets to no avail. Finally, she started shed losing the pounds by Adopting healthy sustainable habits, spinning on the spin bike 4x/week, participating in outdoor activities including 5k runs, and cooking for herself more to control carb intake. "I'm a new person and I feel better both on the inside and about my outside!!” The commitment to consistency has allowed her to maintain her healthy weight for 6 months now.”

This INCREDIBLE woman hit goal this am! She’s lost 90 pounds all together!!!!!!!!!!

She’s had one other trainer before Trainer Kristan and then switched to us!!!!!! It takes a village to hit goal!!!!

She shows us to not ever give up! We may not hit goal our first time, when we keep going and standing after every fall goal is inevitable!

This is not by our doing but hers! She committed to plan and stayed consistent!!!!!!

We couldn’t be more proud of all her hard work, discipline, and determination! Thank you for trusting us! It’s truly an honor to walk this journey with you!

Crystal Ferguson is the definition of the Come Back kid!

See she started back in July 2017 and kicked butt and lost 80 POUNDS! In early 2019 she left bootcamp and struggled BUT she didn’t stay there! She picked herself back up and walked back into bootcamp because she knew it’s what she needed!
Since August she has lost 27 pounds and 25 inches! She hit her goal and is the LOWEST weight she’s been!

She shows us all that it can be done.
You can fall and you can get back up and come back STRONGER than before!!!

Crystal I am SO So PROUD of you and I don’t tell you that enough! Congrats and I know you will continue to get stronger and keep kicking butt!
Love ya!!!

Member of the Month: JeNae Britton
Here's her story!
I've always been heavy since birth. My heaviest was 392. I had weight loss surgery in 2013 and got down to 215 pounds. I was comfortable at that weight; I would occasionally go workout here and there to Planet Fitness, but I would see these Facebook post and hear people talk about Crystalized Training/Revfit Gym. I always wanted to go see what it was about but I felt I wasn’t in shape. I still ate bad. Yes, I had lost the weight, but I wasn't ready.
I always had an excuse when people invited me until I decided to go to a spin class with Jamie Landry and I DIED!!!! BUT I enjoyed it, so I said I am going to join when the next promotion comes. So it did! It was the challenge, and we also had a weight loss challenge at work. I think it was in July; my weigh in at work was 211. I chose Bootcamp with Gabby, and I was spinning in the mornings! I was doing 2 times a day, and I fell in love with this gym
When the challenge was over, I signed up for a regular membership. I’m a wife, mom of 3, I enrolled back in school at UL, and I work a full time job. In spite of all of this, I make sure I make time for myself to get to the gym, and my husband makes this happen for me. I started running in the morning with my Level Up Sistas and now I'm in the Holiday Hustle. I swear I never ran non-stop in my life!! And I do it every time I run. I'm slow, lol, but they push me and everyone is so encouraging. So since I been here, I've lost a total of 33 pounds!!!!!! I'm now 178 (whoop whoop)…. I have a new goal of 150 and I'm coming for it!!!!!!!

Congrats to Crystal!! She has reached her goal for a 2nd time! She reached her goal last October. Then had to take a break for the Mardi Gras season. When she came back she was a little over 20’lbs up from her goal. Well she has lost it all and has lost even more inches than from her 1st goal!! She is down a total of 58 lbs and 63”!! But she has learned so so much more this time!! This time she will do her best to make all of her bootcamps while still functioning for king cake season. So say a prayer for her now🤣💪😘 Posted is her 1st pic ever, pic when she came back, goal pic.