Trained by Sandra Lejeune
Robyn has lost 50 lbs total! 30 lbs and 39.25” at the gym in 2 months!! When she joined she was barely eating any carbs!! Now we have slowly added carbs back in and she’s feeling better than ever! When we met she kept telling me how bad she wanted and needed this. And she shows me every single day! She is consistent with sending her food pics, makes her bootcamps, spin classes, and gets extra in when she can. And she ALWAYS has a smile on her face!! We had a little bootcamp challenge and she won 2nd place! She has hit the road running!! So so proud of you Robyn! Keep working hard!! YOU deserve this!!!
She asked me to share the sports bra in hopes that it may encourage someone else. This is her being vulnerable and raw❤️❤️
Trained by Candice Abney
Laura KlaSsy LaDi Bernard had a health hiccup in the beginning of her journey but I’m proud to say that she didn’t let it stop her. 19.7 lbs and 27.25 inches gone 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 no matter what, keep showing up and fighting for you because there are tests in every testimony 🙌🏼
Trained by Sandra Lejeune
Mid month motivation!! Crystal was out for a few months bc of King Cake season. One of her busiest seasons. Well March was her first month back and she lose 17 lbs and 19.5” in one month! She came back serious and on a mission! She made it through the Easter holiday and all! Way to work!! She is ready and determined to get back to her goal weight!!
Trained by Candice Abney
Nothing worth having comes easy. There will be days where you question everything, but that is when you remember your why and keep showing up for YOU!!!
Lucretia Brooks is 42 lbs down and 36.5 inches! Keep pushing and keep fighting through. You got this.
Trained by Crystal and Apphia
This incredible woman woman hit her goal!!!!!
She has lost 41 inches and 33 pounds!!! Her body and mind has been completely reshaped!!!!!
We are beyond proud and can’t wait to see all the new goals she will accomplish!
Trained by Candice Abney
Turn it up TUESDAY! 52 lbs in 4 months!! No stopping this woman
Trained by Crystal and Apphia
This young woman works to jobs and is in school! Her work ethic shows in her results!
Maddie has lost an incredible 40 inches and 27.5 pounds!!!!!!
She is truly a beautiful young woman inside and out! Sky’s the limit!
Trained by Sandra
Here’s Arkeia!! She’s lost over 45 lbs and over 45”!! Just look at her smile! It says it all!! Each month for pictures her smile gets bigger and bigger! Arkeia had grown tremendously since joining bootcamp! The change that has happened from the inside out is mind blowing!! She is always pushing herself and is a great motivator and inspiration in bootcamp! She is one amazing woman!!! Her 50 lb pic will be coming soon!! I absolutely love what I do!!!
Trained by Crystal and Apphia
Don’t think 37 pounds can transform your body?!!!
Ellyse is living proof of what 37 pounds can do! She is so close to goal she can taste it!
Here’s to learning take care of yourself as you truly learn what your body is capable of!
Antoinette Burleson

has lost 80 pounds total with Revfit . She has lost 40 of those pounds in bootcamp!

She is dedicated, determined, and always there to motivate her other bootcampers!
A true leader!!!