My girl reached her goal Monday and came back today to do bikini pics and is down even more! I knew from the 1st day I met Keke that she was going to do great! She’s lost now 33.6 lbs and 43.5”! She works all night and still makes bootcamp. She is dedicated and on fire! I can’t wait to watch her grow even more in maintenance! Kesheana I’m so so proud of you!! Here’s her story!!

I started my fitness journey 2 years ago as a new yrs resolution joined boxing weighing 172lbs I lost 25lbs in boxing but over time begin to gain it right back.....Jan 2018 I joined Crystalized Revfit gym I did great for the 1st 6 months the weight started to drop again but then I reached a plateau another year was ended and I was still not satisfied with the way I looked......December 2018 I decided to try out a 4wk holiday special bootcamp weighing 152lbs......I remember my first day being the hardest workout I had ever done n I said to myself ima do this for 4wks n be done! But there was something about this bootcamp my trainer, the ladies the love n support they gave that made me want more!! I now weigh 119lbs n I feel great both inside and out.....This gym has changed my life! With each session I have grown strong and not only in physical strength but mentally also it has given me back that confidence that I needed to succeed in life!! Thanks to all the bootcamp ladies that have encouraged me along the way......n a special thanks to my trainer Sandra who no matter how much Lip and mean looks I gave her lol she continued to push me!!

Guess who made goal today! My girl Nieka! The day before she leaves for New York! She was on a mission! 50 lbs and over 41” gone forever! Nieka is one amazing, funny, and strong woman! She may talk smack but she sure puts in the work and it shows! Keep pushing and working hard my girl!


My Shayla!!! Has Hit Her Goal! She wanted to lose 50 pounds in 5 months...AND SHE DID IT! 50 pounds and 35.25 Inches GONE!
She worked for every single pound lost! I have watched Shayla grow leaps and bounds both mentally,physically, but most of all spiritually! She not only trusted her process she trusted me! Goal #2 Coming Soon....

Here is Her Story in her own words:

The only way you will see results is if you stay consistent...On November 12, 2018 my friend/bootcamp partner and I walked in bootcamp and never looked back.. Gabrielle 'Gabby' August you just don’t know how you've made me come from underneath the rock that I’ve been comfortable under... Walking into RevFit, I did not know what to expect ...Hard work, Dedication, and my kids asking me everyday after bootcamp,"How many pounds did you lose mama?".the only option was to push through and give 110% every bootcamp even more on the days that I didn't feel like it.

Gabby, YOU DIDN’T ONLY HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT YOU GAVE ME STRENGTH,LOVE AND MY LIFE BACK.. Who would’ve known the same person I would see at school and we would just smile and not speak, would be the person who I needed the most .. You have a gift and I’m so grateful that you were able to so share it with me...

Sooo this amazing woman reached her goal yesterday and as promised here are her absolutely amazing before and after pictures and her story. She’s lost 50 lbs and 47” but what she’s gained is so so much more. She has gained so much physical strength, mental strength, confidence, and many friends. She encourages wherever she goes. Allison so so proud of you and all of your hard work and determination!!

Here's my story:

Sandra and I have known each other for many years since she taught my oldest son 2nd grade. I knew she had become a fitness trainer at RevFit because I would see the awesome success stories on Facebook. I always envied the women in those pictures but never thought I could actually do it. I came up with a million excuses...I can't afford it, I don't have time, I can't eat like that, etc! I was overweight, exhausted, not sleeping at night and the list goes on and on. BUT on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018, I made the decision to put me FIRST and joined Sandra's 9am bootcamp. I was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect, but I met a wonderful group of STRONG women who encouraged and motivated me! Was it hard at first? YES! Is it still hard at times? YES! But it was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my entire life! I have learned to love the woman that I see in the mirror and I have learned that eating healthy does not have to be boring! I want to thank Sandra for never giving up on me, for pushing and challenging me along the way! I want to thank my bootcamp girls for accepting me and motivating me! I also want to thank my husband, children and my family for standing by me through this journey, your support has meant the world to me. I may have reached my fitness goal, but my journey continues! I am excited and look forward to maintaining and toning!!! Sandra, you won't be able to get rid of me! lol

My girl Shawana has reached her final goal!!!! She’s lost 35.25” and 41.2lbs! Shawana is a beast in the gym. She makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes😂😉 but then she shows up and kills it! I absolutely love her and am so inspired by her hard work and determination. I had to put her butt to the fire the last few weeks and get rough on her but like i told’s all out of love. She’s another one that is way way stronger than she thinks. So so proud of your fire and determination. Fight for what you want....and don’t ever stop!!
Here’s her story....

You see I started off working out a little on my own on and off but never consistent. I had tried every diet plan on earth, weight watchers, Adkins diet, Keto, even several types of diet pills but none of it worked or if it did it was a quick fix and I gained it back. I was so disgusted and miserable with myself. I hated the way my body looked, I hated the way I felt about myself. So I had a few people tell me about RevFit gym and at first I was like man I can’t do bootcamp. Anna Brooks said Shawana just try it out; try it and see. I went on vacation and when I got back I made my mind up that I would try it out. I tried it for one week with Sandra and I almost DIED the first class!! NO LIE. I saw the other women and heard how they encourage one another. Then they started telling me how much weight they had lost. Then I said to myself Shawana you can do this.. So I signed up with Sandra as my trainer. This woman has been my rock, my encourager, my nerve sometimes but I ❤️ her and I couldn’t have done any of it without her screaming SHAWANA all the time🤣. Every day was a struggle, but when my mind started changing the struggles got easier, it was easier to say NO to bad foods... Then I saw my body changing and lord after I saw that, that was it!! I was ready for more and more results...I am so grateful to be a part of such a strong group of women and men at RevFit. The love and support they show each other is beyond words❤️. So I say all of that to say this...the word GOAL doesn’t mean my work is done. It’s time to push harder to maintain and I’m ready!

My girl April reached her goal Wednesday and today I get to share her pictures!! She’s lost 54 lbs and 48.75”!!! I remember the 1st day I met April and her husband. She was so so nervous but I saw the want and desire to succeed in her eyes!!! April has given 120% every single bootcamp! She has stayed true to the plan, pushed, and fought hard! She motivates and encourages her fellow bootcampers. She is one amazing lady!!! Also she has one amazing group of supporters!! So so proud of you April!!

🚨Member of the Month🚨
Kelly Dugas: General Member
I joined the gym in December of 2015 and started working out faithfully in January 2016. I joined the gym looking to get into shape before my 50th birthday and lose a few pounds, but like most people who join RevFit I found so much more. I found this was the only place that kept me accountable to my weight loss goals. This was because all of the instructors who cared and it was like being with neighbors, when I didn't show up somebody said, "Hey where you been?" And I stuck to it and the wight came off, I lost 22 lbs in 8 months and went down 3 pant sizes. After struggling for years to lose weight, I had finally done it. But I found so much more, I had lost my mom in March 2015 and was struggling so bad with her lose, I found the gym was a place that helped me get through the tough days and handle my grief, in a way that I never imagined. It was my therapy! I left my tears, my pain all of it on that bike. When I struggled on the spin bike, I thought of my mom and how she would have given anything to be able to use her legs and that kept me going. Thanks RevFit for coming to Carencro and more importantly for all of the friendships I have formed. ❤️
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My sweet Nora HIT her GOAL!!! 57 pounds and 74.5 inches!!! She has grown tremendously throughout her journey. On to the buidling phase. Here is her story:

I’ve always been into fitness, but for the past few years I got comfortable with doing nothing.. I didn’t realize until I put on my wedding dress that I let myself go physically..
Walking down the aisle being unhappy with my body appearance was starting to weigh on me mentally.. I realize I was the only one that could change it. After procrastinating for months. I decided to set some goals.. I combined all negativity & put it into fitness. Needless to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into... Bootcamp taught me “HOW to FIGHT for WHAT I WANT” My trainer Gabrielle 'Gabby' August taught me “NO EXCUSE MATTERS ” so get off yo ass & fight.. I Ran my 1st 5k with my trainer right by my side!! I met some amazing, encouraging, powerful women along the way.. My husband & daughter pushed me beyond my limits.. With that being said all things are possible! Remember you get what you work for not what you wish for... FYI I’m just getting started
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Y’all this woman amazes me!!! She has lost 70 pounds, and 69 inches!!!! But she did NOT stop when she reached her goal...she’s in maintenance and continues to kick azz! Look at what her journey looks like...her before picture, then “goal”, then now! We never stop...we just set bigger goals! She said she wanted to put some muscle on and we are doing just that!
She works two jobs, takes care of her family, is renovating her house and still shows up at 3:45 am with a smile!!!
I LOVE This woman! She proves everyday that we can do anything we set our mind to!
Rachel...I am BEYOND blessed you walked in my life and I’m able to walk this journey with you! You are a true blessing to those around you!

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Yessss!!!! My girl hit GOALLLLL today!!!!!! 100 pounds lost!!!!! How amazing is that!!! Tammie you are such a bright light to all of those around you including me! You are the definition of hard work, determination and perseverance!!! And to go with that...the brightest smile..always offering encouragement to those around you! I am SOOO incredibly proud of you TAMMIE and Im truly blessed to be a part of your journey! Thank you for trusting me and being exactly who you are!!! Love you Tammie!!!!

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