Her vision board says it best in her own handwriting: “Don’t Come All This Way to Stop.” After her first month of Bootcamp and the thrill was gone of seeing her scale move, her body change, and her endurance grow, her mom had to bring her for an “emergency visit” to our house because she was done. Doing this was “too hard” and it was time to throw in the towel.

Even though we had to remind her at that time that you have come too far to just stop, it is obvious that for 2021 this is a mindset that she is choosing to embrace. 19.8 pounds and 11 inches down is just an outward reward of the inner change occurring in her life.

Ariane is learning that hard times and conflict build character and strengthen you. We know for a fact that The best is yet to come from this beautiful and amazing little girl! 💙💜

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February 2021’s Member of the Month: Meet James Trahan!

The History of HOLLYWOOD:

It all began in July 2015 when I walked into RevFit gym and met Crystal, her family, and her staff. This would become the beginning of my journey to become a healthier and fit individual. I immediately began training with Bubba and this transitioned into becoming their first senior men’s boot camp with an age range of 65 to 76 years young. My fellow boot camp buddies quickly became some of my closest friends. We leaned on one another to hold us accountable for our goals and enjoyed the camaraderie.

In 2016, I had surgery but was able to walk across the finish line with the RevFit family for the Camellia Crossing. I also completed the 5K Color Run in Carencro, LA with several of the Revfit staff and members. In 2017, I was able to participate in another Camellia Crossing 5K and run with my boot camp buddies. Through my journey from 2015-2019, I lost a total of 73 pounds. This transformation not only changed my physical appearance but also gave me a new lease on life.

As stated by Crystal, when I first walked into the gym I had big eyes and walked as slow as molasses on the treadmill. Now, I am an inspiration to many as I am told on a daily basis as I have continued to overcome medical challenges which has come to include cancer. This challenge may have halted my exercise regimen for a period of time, but it never halted my spirit and fight to live my life to the fullest!

My RevFit journey continues with the support of the staff and many members, but more importantly, the friendship that I have found with Roland. He and I coordinate our schedules to do our workouts and spin classes at the gym together, but we also have formed a bond that is irreplaceable outside of the gym. I have met many along the way and am grateful for the wonderful relationships that have been built as God has crossed my path with caring and loving individuals. My family has also become healthier and supports me being the RevFit birthday card coordinator as I enjoy making each person feel truly special on this day of the year!

The one thought that I would like to leave you with on wherever you are on your journey: Make each day count as you will never get that day back!

Sometimes we come across people in our lives who brighten our day no matter what the circumstances may be. Hartley is certainly one of those lights.

This young lady is sassy, strong-willed, loving, kind, and funny all in one. She has truly come in and shown all of us that your goal doesn’t have to look like everyone else - instead of a crazy amount of pounds, her body has done the opposite: 10.5 inches in one month!!! Her story speaks volumes to the fact that it doesn’t have to look like everyone else - it’s all about showing up and staying focused and making your own goals happen.

These are the jewels that this young lady speaks on often and has taught us all:
1) Slow and steady wins the race - she does not concern herself with others’ goals; instead, she sets her own goals that she knows she has to work hard to achieve.
2) She is a little giant that carries others - because of her commitment, her family members have chosen to not only support her, but also set goals with her so that they can smash them together.
3) Age is nothing but a number - cheering on her fellow bootcampers is one thing... but she does not stop there... she does not hesitate to challenge and uplift us as trainers as well!

Hartley is constantly changing inside and out. We cannot wait to see her reach her first goal and then continue to smash all the others that she will set. Thank you Kim and Jude for trusting us with her and thank y’all for sharing her heart and soul with us... she will shock the world!!! 💙
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Trained by Crystal & Apphia

Monday motivation!!!!!!

Lou has lost 88 pounds since joining Revfit gym!!!!

This is her second time in bootcamp. Not everyone gets it right the first time around. She lost weight and put some back on. She didn’t give up. After She rejoined bootcamp, she not only hit her first goal, but she also went on to hit the one we set for her. She hit onderland!

She is now in our maintenance bootcamp continuing to tone up and learning to maintain!!!!!

So very proud of her accomplishments inside and out!

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Trained by Crystal and Apphia
Taylor has lost an incredible 123 pounds since joining Revfit Gym. 63 pounds and 54.5 inches have been lost since she has joined Apphia and my bootcamp!
This is her 3rd goal met and she’s still going!
Be lookout for this phenomenal story!!!!! More to come!
Trained by Kristan Leger
Tiffany Carter has lost 41 inches and 31 pounds! She has come so far and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!
Trained by Candice
Work it Wednesday ❤️👏🏼 this woman has worked just as hard on the inside as she has on the outside. I was lucky enough to see her rise up and conquer many fears and challenges and come out on the other side better and stronger. One of my favorite memories I have training Shawana Glamourgirl Willis was crossing the finish line with her after running her first half marathon. I’ll Never forget the tight hug and tears that were shed in that moment of accomplishment. Truly priceless. ❤️
Trained by Candice Abney
It’s important that you take a quick glance back to see, you are not where you used to be. 2 years ago Samantha Cole-Frank joined Bootcamp for our holiday hustle challenge and here she is living a new, fit life and balancing it all! So today I challenge you to sit down with your goals - personal, work, health or fitness related and see where it is you would like to be in the next month, 3 months and year. When you are intentional about where you are going you are more than likely to go further.
So proud of this woman’s persistence and fight to maintain what she worked so hard to get off. This part deserves just as much recognition because it’s just as challenging. #2yearsstrong
Trainer Kristan:
Emily has lost 50 pounds and over 40 inches with Trainer Kristan!
When we start this journey, we often think of the very things we must give up. By the end of the journey we realize we have gained way more than we ever gave up!
Emily is more than she fit, she is truly beautiful inside out!
December’s Member of the Month: Myra Due
I joined RevFit in May 2017. My niece and sister-in-law were in boot camp and sharing with me the testimonies and photos of all the success stories. 2016 had been an extremely difficult year. I had been at a low point in my life and probably the heaviest and unhappiest I had ever been - comforting myself with food.
Throughout my life, I’ve lost and gained weight more times than I can remember. I didn’t want this to be just another of those times. I watched for a few months ( the workouts and meal plan were quite intimidating😊) and I developed the mindset that “if they can , I can!” And I DID!!! 75 lbs down and nearly as many inches.
Everyday is not easy and struggle free, but I refuse to let myself not show up and give it my all- I’m worth it.
Thank you, Sandra, for the positivity, tough love, and holding me accountable when I fall short! The support and encouragement I’ve received have made it easier to move from then to now!