Crystal Ferguson is the definition of the Come Back kid!

See she started back in July 2017 and kicked butt and lost 80 POUNDS! In early 2019 she left bootcamp and struggled BUT she didn’t stay there! She picked herself back up and walked back into bootcamp because she knew it’s what she needed!
Since August she has lost 27 pounds and 25 inches! She hit her goal and is the LOWEST weight she’s been!

She shows us all that it can be done.
You can fall and you can get back up and come back STRONGER than before!!!

Crystal I am SO So PROUD of you and I don’t tell you that enough! Congrats and I know you will continue to get stronger and keep kicking butt!
Love ya!!!

Member of the Month: JeNae Britton
Here's her story!
I've always been heavy since birth. My heaviest was 392. I had weight loss surgery in 2013 and got down to 215 pounds. I was comfortable at that weight; I would occasionally go workout here and there to Planet Fitness, but I would see these Facebook post and hear people talk about Crystalized Training/Revfit Gym. I always wanted to go see what it was about but I felt I wasn’t in shape. I still ate bad. Yes, I had lost the weight, but I wasn't ready.
I always had an excuse when people invited me until I decided to go to a spin class with Jamie Landry and I DIED!!!! BUT I enjoyed it, so I said I am going to join when the next promotion comes. So it did! It was the challenge, and we also had a weight loss challenge at work. I think it was in July; my weigh in at work was 211. I chose Bootcamp with Gabby, and I was spinning in the mornings! I was doing 2 times a day, and I fell in love with this gym
When the challenge was over, I signed up for a regular membership. I’m a wife, mom of 3, I enrolled back in school at UL, and I work a full time job. In spite of all of this, I make sure I make time for myself to get to the gym, and my husband makes this happen for me. I started running in the morning with my Level Up Sistas and now I'm in the Holiday Hustle. I swear I never ran non-stop in my life!! And I do it every time I run. I'm slow, lol, but they push me and everyone is so encouraging. So since I been here, I've lost a total of 33 pounds!!!!!! I'm now 178 (whoop whoop)…. I have a new goal of 150 and I'm coming for it!!!!!!!

Congrats to Crystal!! She has reached her goal for a 2nd time! She reached her goal last October. Then had to take a break for the Mardi Gras season. When she came back she was a little over 20’lbs up from her goal. Well she has lost it all and has lost even more inches than from her 1st goal!! She is down a total of 58 lbs and 63”!! But she has learned so so much more this time!! This time she will do her best to make all of her bootcamps while still functioning for king cake season. So say a prayer for her now🤣💪😘 Posted is her 1st pic ever, pic when she came back, goal pic.


Congrats to Shalanda!! She reached her goal Friday and has lost 40 lbs and 41”!! Shalonda is super quiet but a super hard worker!! She shows up, sends her food, gets her spin in and it definitely shows!! Each bootcamp I see a little more love for exercising shine through!! She is such an encourager and brings so much to our 9 am!! And if she can’t make 9 am she will show up to one of my other times to make sure she doesn’t miss a workout!! Shalanda I’m super proud of you!! Now to learn to maintain it and keep it off!!! Her story coming soon!!

Candice Abney:
Huge day for my sweet Morgan Brown she hit GOALLLLLLLLL 🎉 31 lbs down and over 35 inches gone. She started Bootcamp with a goal to go “all in” and she never veered from her vision. She is a great team player, leader, and a motivator in her 445 Bootcamp. She’s an amazing friend, she loves kids & has an extra special place in her heart for kids with special needs and will make an amazing teacher one day soon. Her confidence has grown enough to step out with her own business as a Limelife beauty consultant and her smile has returned. I couldn’t be happier to be part of seeing this change come to fruition. Morgan I love you like a sister. I’m So proud of you ❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Today this absolutely amazing woman reached her goal!!! Heather has lost 85 lbs and 84.75” but has gained so much more in the long run!! I remember Heathers first day so clear!! She worked so hard and left in tears. So concerned she couldn’t do it but I kept telling her ...your 1st bootcamp is the hardest. Each day you walk through those doors you get stronger. And in 10 months and 1 week she has reached her goal!! Heather is the definition of determination and perseverance! Along the road she would have so many reasons she couldn’t but she didn’t ever stop! Everyday she showed up and worked hard...even when her hip was bothering her so much!! Heather it has been an absolute honor to walk this journey with you!! Look at that smile when she saw she reached it!! Beaming! Thank you for trusting me. Here is her story... it’s a must read!

January 7, 2019 I walked into RevFit thinking this was my last resort. If I don’t do it this time, I won’t ever get it done. I’ve tried and failed, failed and tried, and tried again but nothing seemed to work. But, when I walked into the gym that day, I felt at peace because the people were so welcoming and they didn’t even know me. I signed up for bootcamp, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I just knew I needed help and I needed it fast. I was depressed and stressed and felt as if I was at the end of my rope. My first bootcamp experience was filled with lots of anxiety because I saw others at their best, but I was at my worse. Not realizing they had traveled down the same road to get where I am today. All I could see was that I couldn’t keep up, I couldn’t run around the parking lot, I caused everyone to have to work harder because they’d always have to come back to get me (NO ONE AT REVFIT GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!!) but I never gave up! I kept showing up and I started seeing results! My scale started moving in the right direction, I started getting stronger, and I began to gain confidence!

My trainer, Sandra, gave me the tools I needed to be successful, but it was up to me to stay disciplined and focused on my goals!!! She provided the support and encouragement that I needed to make it this far!!!! I can’t thank her enough for investing in me!!!! When I wanted to give up and throw in the towel because I didn’t think my goal was attainable, she pushed me even harder because she saw in me something that I didn’t see in myself!

My bootcamp Sisters are the best!!!! We push each other to go harder and we get stronger together!!!!!

Never in my life did I think I’d be able to run, buuuuttt I ran my 1st 5k in September and Sandra was by my side every step of the way!!!!! She even picked up another “bootcamper” along the race route because her trainer had left her behind! I assured her that she could finish the race with us because My Trainer would NEVER leave me to finish the race alone!!! I am also now a part of a wonderful running group at the gym, Level Up Sistas, and our group is awesome!!! Every woman in our group is so encouraging and supportive and always there whenever anyone of us is in need!!!

Crystal and Apphia came toward the latter part of my journey and provided tough love and much needed encouragement to get me over that hump that felt like a mountain in my journey and I am ever so grateful for them!

Since joining the gym, I have become the role model that my girls needed to see that they too can live a healthy and fit lifestyle! They are now members of the RevFit family and progressing toward the goals they have set for themselves.

I can’t thank all of those that have helped me to get to GOAL enough!

Since joining RevFit, I have gained an extended family and made friendships that will last a lifetime!

What a way to kick off our first bootcamp! This group did incredible and had a team energy already!!!!!! They supported and helped one another through the whole thing!!!!!!! We couldn’t be more proud and grateful for this opportunity to walk with them through this journey!

Quite a few had to leave early... can’t wait to get our first whole group pic!

My sweet, amazing, and dedicated Myra! She has lost 72.6 lbs and 62.5”! She reached her goal 18 months ago and she is still pushing and building on it!! She went on a cruise, worked out everyday, and came back with her weight down!! That is dedication and balance!! It’s not about doing without but finding that balance!! Myra is definitely one of a kind!!! I remember the day I met her. I couldn’t get her to smile. I was kind of nervous but the more I’ve gotten to know her, and the more weight she dropped the bigger the smile! And now she is always smiling!! It’s the little things!! She has definitely embraced and found the joy in the journey!! Love my Myra!!! ❤️


I can’t say enough about Richard Fiest and the energy, commitment, and hard work he brings to men’s bootcamp. He is always in for whatever we throw at him and just keeps going. He is down 17lbs and 20.5 inches!!


Brian McCarley came to bootcamp for the Holiday Hustle and decided to keep going.
He’s had ups and downs on the journey but has been dedicated to the process and has lost 24 pounds and 21 inches!!
He continues to show up and work hard to reach his goals.
I’m proud of his dedication but even more inspired by the true strength of this man. Keep pushing Brian and let’s get there!