May 2022’s Member of the Month: Meet Ashley Shelvin!

Since my teenage years, I’ve battled with an eating addiction. I was battling this addiction whether I was happy, sad, or bored; it became part of my life, and I didn’t know how to battle with it. After graduating from High School, I unexpectedly became pregnant and dropped out of college after 2 weeks of starting to take care of my baby girl. My life went from partying to working as I went into full time Mommy Mode.
Fast forward 6 years later. I was a mother of 3 children, so all of my time and energy went to them. By 2014 I was 290 pounds, blood pressure ALWAYS High, and I was battling a deep depression. I started walking and cut back on some unhealthy foods and lost about 65 pounds. I was looking and feeling great but still battled depression and didn’t know how to cope with things going on in my life. Because I couldn’t cope, the weight came right back on and before I knew it my scale said 351 pounds.
In December of 2020, I went in my doctor’s office for a routine checkup and was almost sent to the hospital due to my blood pressure being at stroke level. As I sat waiting for the nurse to recheck it after an hour, my doctor sat next to me and said, “Ashley you’re a single mother and from what you’ve told me about your children I can tell you love them dearly, but you are going to kill yourself if you don’t change your eating and lose weight.” From The compassion and fear in her eyes, I could tell this was serious and the thought of my children losing me because of something I could control scared me to my core. That’s when I decided I had to make a change. I cut back on sodas and dropped 13 pounds in 3 weeks so this was a start for me.
The next month I decided to inquire about joining a gym and I remembered how a friend of mine lost alot of weight at RevFit. I walked into Revfit Gym scared out of my mind from expectations of being judged and looked down on because I didn’t see many people who looked like me. Instead, I was greeted with smiles, waves, Hello’s and it was comforting. I met with Candice who told me about her journey and her reason for becoming a trainer, followed by members sharing their journeys with me and I was instantly inspired! The one thing I prayed about before leaving my car was asking God to allow me to feel his presence when I walked in, and immediately God showed up!!!! I left feeling uplifted and inspired to start my journey!!
Today I am doing things that I never imagined I’d be doing….like running!!! I am off ALL blood pressure meds and I am currently down 131 pounds since that visit with my doctor and I feel GREAT. I told my kids I feel better than I ever felt in my life!!! Two years ago I saw the disappointment in my son’s face when he came to get me to play soccer for the Parents Vs. Kids game and I physically couldn’t do it due to my knee injuries and weight. Today not only am I running with him kicking the ball, but my reflexes are quicker than his.( Yes I’m I can keep up with my children and my children are finally eating Fruits and Vegetables!!!!
For 16 years, all I ever considered myself to be was a Mother. While my kids are the best gifts God has granted me with, I got lost in being just that. I’m one who finds true joy in helping others but always felt I wasn’t worthy or deserving to helping and loving myself. This journey is not just about losing the weight but realizing I am worthy of giving myself the same love and treatment I give to others. I’m loving me so much throughout this journey. For over a year now, I’ve been waking up before the chickens (literally) and mentally and physically doing something for me…and I love it!!! I find it to be therapeutic. Especially Spin!!!
The Trainers, Instructors and Members at RevFit are Truly Amazing. They motivate you, fill you with encouraging words, and really love what they do! I am and will forever be thankful for RevFit. Definitely no place like this Gym!!! Hearing from people how I inspired them amazes me and makes me feel so honored and knowing this is what keeps my pushing!!!!