October 2021’s Member of the Month: Rachel Cunningham!


When RevFit moved to Carencro in 2015, It was obvious that there was something unique about the gym. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I could see drastic physical changes in their members. This seemed to be a gym that achieved results, and I desperately wanted those results but I was also very skeptical.

At that time I was 45 years old, 25 pounds overweight, and the mother of 3 active children that I could not physically keep up with. I felt exhausted all the time. I felt unhappy the majority of the time with my appearance and my lack of stamina. I had tried & failed every diet plan on the market between 1992-2015, so I had lost and gained back the same 25 + pounds more times than I cared to remember.

I had also joined & left at least 10 different gyms between Baton Rouge, Lafayette, & Carencro.

So what were they doing at this new gym that was so different?

Surely it was just a gym that I would pay a hefty sign-up fee for, attend for 1 or 2 months then lose interest & leave feeling more frustrated and depressed than before, right?

It was with this attitude that I walked through the doors in July 2015 and met my  Boot Camp instructor , Kristan Leger. WOW! I quickly found out that this was no ordinary gym.

Kristan taught me about portion control, (I had never SEEN much less utilized food scale before) accountability ( #vest) & would add weight to the leg press when I was not looking! After 2-3 months of boot camp, she also demanded that I attend 1 of her spin classes! ( she did not give me an option)

Bootcamp was difficult! Weighing in was not comfortable at all. I hated it!! I kept telling myself that I could just follow old patterns and quit.

But I didn’t …

I didn’t quit because I realized I had become part of something special. Never before had a trainer called me when I missed a class. Never before did I feel a connection to the other members who had similar weight and food struggles. Never before had I belonged to a gym that seemed just as invested in me as I was in it.

So… I kept showing up and the pounds came off. 28 of them! The muscles started to show. Energy and confidence increased. My previous ideas about eating, weight loss, & exercise began to change. “Having “to exercise slowly changed into“ wanting” to exercise.

Friends, family, & office staff wanted to know what I was doing. They wanted to know what I ate ( what’s in your Tupperware today Rachel?)

In 2016 I had an added bonus when my oldest daughter, Olivia, wanted to join bootcamp with me. She was 16 at the time, and within 6 months she lost 60 pounds. She went on to become a certified bodypump trainer at 18 as well as a “crazy spin “ instructor & somehow convinced her mom to do the same! ( #motherdaughterspin). I consider teaching spin with my daughter as 1 of the most fulfilling things in my life.)

So here I am in 2021 at age 50 feeling stronger than I did at 45.

I’m grateful that Crystal and her team moved RevFit to Carencro. I’m grateful that despite my skepticism I walked through those doors in 2015. I’m grateful that I have been able to share a healthy lifestyle with my family and share my love of the spin bike with others. I am grateful for the way this gym community has enhanced my life.

Thank you!