Iyabo Segun’s testimony



Prior to me joining RevFit, I always had issues balancing my weight, but I always did workout. I would do aerobics, Tae Bo, or go for a walk. The problem was my food. I was a “fast food and carb junkie” – I would go out to eat daily. When I went for a wellness check, my blood pressure was 160/80. I told that doctor “What?” He said, “Next time if it’s still up, we are going to put you on medicine.” That was a reality check for me. On top of that, I was tired all the time. My knees would Hurt all the time, and my clothes were not fitting me right, and I didn’t like my shape. I would hear myself “wheezing” on the elliptical machine! I needed to do something.


My journey at RevFit began March 22, 2021 – I’ll never forget it. I walked in at 231 lbs & the first person I spoke with was AJ. I saw the “Wall of Fame” as he showed me around. I was nervous as hell and I said to myself “I hope I can get there, it’s worth a try.” One of my closest friends had been trying to get me to join, but I always had an excuse until I saw her picture. I met with a trainer, Sandra LeJeune & she asked me if I could come to bootcamp that same week. After that, everything changed.


I started paying ATTENTION to my body and how it reacted to foods and when I didn’t understand something or wanted to know more, my trainer San guided me in the right direction and I did exactly what she said to do. I needed to know “why” I was doing this. I stayed consistent with my bootcamps, followed the meal plan, attended extra classes (sometimes three in one day), did spin and BodyPump, and ran 5k marathons. By doing this, I met goal September 2021, 183.5 lbs! The crazy thing about it is that I never had an actual goal when I started bootcamp; I asked my trainer to give me one! This was a challenge in itself! It wasn’t until then that I realized I was transforming not only my body, but also my mind. I was focused and confident and I finally liked my body except for my midsection. That area was still a little flabby, and I wanted to see what would happen if I lost a little bit more weight than recommended by my trainer.


My final goal was 175 lbs and guess what – I Did it! It took about two more months more to get there and I was so proud to say “I did it.” Then in February 2022, I challenged myself to a 15k marathon, the Mambo in Baton Rouge, LA. I just wanted to see if I could do it and guess what I did it nonstop! My legs were not even sore after! In the meantime, I would push others in bootcamp, give positive feedback, and work out on my own. I was so focused on my legs, so I would do extra leg and butt exercises at the gym. Little did I know, I was becoming something so much more.  It wasn’t until trainer Candice Abney was like “What about being a LAB instructor, Iyabo.” I said, “Well, I never thought about it”. Then I started training with trainer Angie, and there you have it: Now I am a LAB INSTRUCTOR at RevFit!


My blood pressure is stable and I’m in the best shape of my life. I never thought I could until I tried and pushed hard. My goal is to stay fit, continue to motivate others, and continue my fitness journey because I now know there is more to come! Believe who you are and accomplish your goals! Help others and always remember your “why” – why you started! My “WHY” is when I ran from the front door of RevFit building to the end of the drive way and had to stop because I was so short of breath…..

Now, I can run miles!!!