Member of the Month: Meet Marcelle Fontenot


Two years ago, I walked into this building–scared as hell! What if I can’t make it through the workouts? What if this meal plan isn’t what I need? What if another attempt at losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t work?

Within a matter of weeks, the nervousness was gone. I felt good about being here. Sandra’s boot camp kicked my butt and I thought I was going to die. I didn’t, and I kept showing up. The first year flew by. I lost weight and lots of inches (the inches are my favorite part)! But, one year and one month in, on a Saturday morning workout in the gym, I hurt my back. At the time, I didn’t realize it but the next day, it was a pain I’d never felt before. That back injury kept me out of the gym for six months. I was completely devastated.

I was released from therapy and came back very slowly. In January of this year, I decided I needed to see what I was truly made of and I joined Crystal and Apphia’s boot camp–yeap, all that you have heard is true! LOL!
I set new goals and started the process. The gym is shut down in March and my “safe place” was taken away. How am I now going to get to goal working out at HOME?!? Well, being at home, the stress of quarantine and the support of ” The Quarantine Dream Team” made me work harder. I hit my new goal in quarantine!

The woman in the grey dress was uncomfortable, didn’t feel well, and was fully focused on everybody else but herself. Yes, I’ve lost weight and inches here but what I have gained is far more important.
The woman in the yellow, she understands if she isn’t well, nobody else is; she can’t pour into them if she is depleted. The woman in the yellow isn’t just focused on the number on the scale. (sidenote: If you notice, I didn’t mention any numbers. To me, the “numbers” are only a portion of the big picture.) For the woman in the yellow, her over-all wellness is her priority. This gym allows you to be in a space where you can focus on, learn about and challenge yourself. When you fall, get back up and start over. There’s NO shame in that; we’ve all been there! “Lean in” and ask for help and support when you need it. Always remind yourself, when you come in those doors, the only person that matters is you. The person you discover and become here is more amazing than you ever imagined! Be like the girl in the yellow. She no longer says “what if..”, she says “why not?”