Rachel Duhon’s Testimony


Prior to joining RevFit, I was on a shake program & had successfully lost 130 pounds in 3 1/2 years. 

Then in 2018, I had a head on collision, kitchen flood, & house fire all in a 4 month span. Suddenly my focus on my weight loss journey had been temporarily placed on hold.


From 2018-2022, I had gained 50 lbs & lost it, then gained 60 lbs & had the hardest time trying to get it off.

My journey with RevFit started September 2021, when I would come as a non-member with my best friend and member at the time, Tomorrow Dural. Tomorrow introduced me to AJ, AKA THE Sexy Beast (yes I am the 1 who bought him the Sexy Beast shirt, because I’m that best friend who feeds into delusions)!

After he would get off, AJ would give us nightly impromptu spin classes on the nights I would show up. It is safe to say that spin is what won me over here & in October 2021, I became a member. My first official spin class was a Halloween spin class with AJ & Rachel Cunningham & from then on, spin class became my new addiction and basically all I came to do for the most part. I started only doing AJ’s spin classes once a month on his Saturday & did my own spin on nights when I would come workout. Then started expanding to more spin classes, including classes instructed by my long time childhood friend, Taylor Wiltz! 


By mid to late 2022, I was getting feelers in my ear from AJ & Taylor about bootcamp. I kept telling them that I would think about it, but never really did out of fear & not feeling like I was strong enough to do it. Also, I’m not exactly a morning person, but mornings would be the only time that I might be able to do.

November 2022, Taylor, AJ, & myself were talking & they were talking about the Holiday Hustle. Taylor announced to me that she was going to be a bootcamp trainer for the first time & I knew I wanted to support My Sis! AJ helped sign me up for the Holiday Hustle the next day. 

Those 3 weeks in December 2022 for the Holiday Hustle, I died a solid 30-40 times! Lmao.. BUT it was participating in this promotion where I saw for myself just how supportive everyone is!


After The Holiday Hustle was over, the opportunity to continue on with bootcamp came up, but financially I knew I couldn’t swing it. Fortunately, God had other plans for me & He made a way for me to sign up & on January 3, 2023, I dove right back in! NOW, this time was the full hands on, & I gave Taylor the blues on everything! Mainly the food plan because I am a HUGE foodie & going into a Foodie Rehab was not my strong suit! Coming from a family who shows their love & celebrates through food, needless to say it is very hard to escape it, even now! Especially when there are NO bad cooks in your family! BUT, Taylor & AJ never gave up on me. Along with the support from my bootcamp/gym family, Crystal, and Apphia, have been THE PUSH and SPARK I have been praying for for years to help get back on track! Thanks to them, I have learned so much about myself and continue to learn about myself everyday! After 4 1/2 years of doubting myself, no confidence, & being completely unhappy with life to where I didn’t want to physically be on this earth anymore, I can honestly say that I have NEVER been this happy, & my confidence grows everyday because I TRUST that God brought me here to save me from myself!